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Time to Get Your Head in the Clouds?
More of the tools you touch are already in the Cloud, so it’s time to take a look ahead at how the way you conduct business will – and won’t – change as technology continues to evolve...from what you’ll want to be doing with mobile apps to what you need to understand about delivery options – cloud, hosted, on premises and hybrid, too!   

The Other Guy: Using Technology to Compete Against You  
Go behind the scenes and find out what you may be up against from the competition. A glimpse at some of the ways companies are stretching technology to give themselves an edge, and how that edge can grow by making it easier for customers to do business with them.

Dashboards For Driving Business   
You wouldn’t drive your car without watching your dashboards, why manage your business without that same level of vision and insight into what’s going on in the front and back offices? We’ve got Top Metrics executives want to watch and why this business intelligence is critical if you intend to stay on top of your game. 

All Hail the Financial Report
There is no better window into your financial health than financial reporting that helps you make good timely decisions. Look for the wows when we get to the part about integrating non-financial information into your reports and why operational people will be more effective if also see the finances they impact. 

Protecting Your Business Against Fraud
Occupational fraud costs American companies billions each year; no reason you need to be part of that statistic. Protect your company using time-tested tips with some readily available tools. We’ll look at the ones we see work, with real life examples of the many ways your business can be vulnerable and the protections you’ll want in place.

Outlook and Office Tips and Tricks  
Do you know how much you don’t know about Outlook and Office? We’ve assembled a Top 20 list of our favorite timesavers, short cuts and cool tools and built a presentation where we know everyone can walk away with at least a couple of cool tips they could start using immediately.

The 5 Business Musts for Managing a Company of Multiples
Having a company with multiple locations, multiple business units or multiple legal entities can get very complex. Our “5 Business Musts” and several “Good To Haves” for businesses with complex business structure will empower you to manage the multiple pieces and still be competitive and profitable.

The 5 Business Musts of Managing a Health Care Organization   
The tough environment for today’s Health Care organizations means it’s more important than ever to match revenue to expense and understand what impacts your metrics. We’ve got a list of “5 Business Musts” and several “Good To Haves” pieces in place so when it’s time to have eyes on the numbers - and the data behind the numbers – you have control over processes that can impact profit.

The 5 Business Musts of Managing a Distribution Company   
Increased competition for today’s smarter buyers means it’s more important than ever to stay on top of revenue, sales, expense and inventory and know in real time what’s impacting those metrics. We’ve got a list of “5 Business Musts” and several “Good To Haves” pieces in place that will give you eyes into the numbers and the data behind the numbers to keep you competitive and profitable.

Accounting and Technology: The Golden Years 
Ever since accounting found new technology in the 1980s, companies everywhere have benefitted from this marriage of business and computers. Today the information you get is more meaningful, the integrations are more seamless and you can usually access it from just about anywhere. So where does it go from here? A look at what we think business can look forward to in this marriage’s Golden Years.

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