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Judge Us: Have We Strengthened Your Business Performance? We do best when we work in partnership to fulfill our guiding mission

Kianoff Lives By Its Guiding Mission:

"Create A Partnership With Our Clients To Strengthen The Performance And Champion The Success Of Their Business"


Kianoff Shared Values 


We work collaboratively as a team, understanding and drawing on each other’s strengths; recognizing each other’s accomplishments; teaching and learning from one another to achieve our mission. 


We listen to each other’s requests and ask for clarification until we are sure we completely understand the issues and how they can be jointly solved.  We professionally confront each other’s communication behaviors and ask for reasonable and acceptable changes when they appear warranted.  We accurately describe events and situations, using words and phrases that are based on fact. 

Team Member Satisfaction

We each contribute to building an environment where every employee can achieve high levels of performance; generate and act on important decisions; grow and learn personally and professionally and have access to information necessary to accomplish the mission. 

Client Satisfaction

We focus our partnership efforts on developing a deep understanding of clients’ needs and attempt to exceed clients’ expectations of us in every instance. 

Respect, Trust & Dignity

We “defend those who are absent.”  This means we do not speak negatively about each other or our clients.  When it is necessary to criticize, we do so in a constructive manner and only directly with those who are involved.  We never allow anger to control our decisions or action towards each other and our clients.  We expect our clients to trust us as we would each other and reserve the right to terminate a relationship if and when abuse occurs. 

Integrity & Honesty

We never lie to our clients and we never lie to each other.